Group 98 Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Solutions to reduce the issue of poor 3G, 4G, LTE voice and data, both in commercial and domestic locations.

Poor mobile coverage can often be problematic, particularly across rural areas or in older properties. Ofcom recently revealed that 32% of homes and businesses within the UK do not receive 4G coverage indoors. At Link, we provide our clients with solutions to reduce the issue of poor 3G, 4G, LTE voice and data, both in commercial and domestic locations. Deficiency of signal can cause numerous issues especially with day to day running of business costing you both time and money.

Our premium signal booster devices from Cel-fi, provide solutions for;

  • Shopping centres and retail areas
  • Government buildings
  • Agriculture buildings and offices
  • Educational establishments
  • Large office complexes
  • Public sector locations such as hospitals
  • Domestic locations including flats and multi-occupancy properties

Not only can the signal boost device be utilised on a permanent basis, but they can also be used for short term requirements such as events or festivals. Please contact us today to discuss your signal boost requirements.


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Cel-fi equipment does not interfere with other wireless devices. Signal boost technology is safe and legal to use in the UK. The specific devices we supply are installed within buildings to comply with Ofcom regulations.

With the Cel-fi system, a very weak signal can be picked up and amplified. 3G, 4G, LTE voice and data coverage are boosted from one signal bar to five. The signal boost device works with all 3G and 4G mobile phones without any further requirements. The Cel-fi system comprises of three distinct parts; the donor antenna which picks up the required signal from the nearest cell site or tower, the signal booster or amplifier and one or more internal antennas which are located to provide optimal internal coverage

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