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As an employer you have a duty of care to safeguard all of your workforce, but particular care needs to be taken of those personnel working alone or in remote or hazardous environments.

Lone worker

security man talking into a walkie talkie

A two-way radio system, as well as improving general team communications and efficiency can also be a useful tool to aid the monitoring of lone workers.

Many two-way radios now include lone worker protection functions that can be configured to suit your particular working practices and requirements.

Even entry-level radios have emergency buttons that can send a signal to summon help in an emergency situation should the operator feel threatened or under duress.

Many also incorporate lone worker timers that can be configured to send an alarm signal if the user does not interact with the radio within a predetermined period of time or when prompted to do so.

Man down detection

Directly above view of senior construction manager in hardhat and orange vest guiding process of building and using radio while talking to worker at construction site

More advanced ‘man-down’ detection utilise movement sensors built-in to the radio to detect periods of inactivity or even unusually excessive motion as well as the orientation of the radio.
GPS receivers in many radios will allow you to track the location of your staff when they are in an outdoor environment. More advanced radios are able to use a network of Bluetooth beacons installed in premises to track their location indoors.

Lone Worker Safety Devices is an option available with two-way radio and POC (PTT over Cellular).

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