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Two-Way Radios for Farming

Two-way radios are an essential tool on many farms, providing instant communications amongst a team of workers and to aid health and safety. Two-way radio systems can provide coverage in rural areas where mobile phone coverage can be unreliable at best.

Our services for agriculture:

Simplex Radio channel

Combine cabin

For short range requirements such as shoots or contract farming work you can use radios operating on a simplex radio channel.

Radio units effectively talk directly to each other with no system infrastructure. Range is limited to up to a mile with handheld equipment and three to four miles for mobile radios (vehicle mounted).

Should further range be required, a Repeater can be added to the system, sited at a suitable, centrally positioned site, communication range can be extended to 10-15 miles radius for a vehicle mounted radio.

An Ofcom Technically Assigned Licence is required for his requirement. The licence currently costs from £75.00 annually. Of course, Link are able to apply on your behalf and indeed, manage the future licensing needs for your organisation.

For further details please see our two way radio services section.


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