Business Radio Licences

As part of the process of supplying a two-way radio system we will obtain a Business Radio licence on your behalf and charge on to you at cost. Additionally, we offer a licence management service.

Simple UK

The Business Radio Simple UK licence permits operation of mobile (vehicle mounted) and handheld equipment anywhere within the UK. Radios operate in simplex mode (single frequency) on a number of defined VHF and UHF channels. Base stations are not allowed under this licence. This licence currently costs £75.00 for a period of five years.

This type of licence provides a similar service to PMR446 licence-exempt radios, but you can also use mobile (vehicle mounted) equipment and the permitted transmitter power output is up to 5-watts ERP as opposed to 0.5-watt ERP for licence-free radios. Unlike PMR446 radios, which can be purchased and used by anyone for any purpose, radios covered by this licence are for business use and the 14 channels permitted in the VHF and UHF bands are far less congested.

Simple Site

The Business Radio Simple Site licence permits use of mobile (vehicle mounted) and handheld equipment at a specific location. Base stations are also permitted and there are six UHF frequencies available for duplex operation, allowing the use of a repeater. There are limitations on the maximum base station aerial height (currently 15-metres above ground level) and power output (currently 2-watts ERP) and usage is only permitted on the licensed site.

This licence currently costs £75.00 for a period of five years.

Technically Assigned

For businesses requiring a specific frequency assignment or a system covering a greater range a Technically Assigned Business Radio licence is required. The licence application is more complex with information regarding planned base station antenna type, location and height needing to be submitted. The cost of a technically assigned licence is dependent upon location, desired frequency band and area of coverage required but starts from £75.00 per year.

Area Defined

An Area Defined licence permits exclusive use of a frequency within an area defined in terms of 50 sq. km map squares. Cost is based on the area you wish to cover and your required frequency band starting at £75.00 for a single map square up to £9,900.00 for UK wide operation of a duplex channel.

Whatever your requirement we can assist, firstly by advising on the most suitable and cost-effective licence and then by submitting the application on your behalf.

Simple Site and Simple UK licences are issued immediately by Ofcom on payment of the fee. Ofcom aim to issue Technically Assigned and Area Defined licences within 42 days of receipt of the application.

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