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Two-way radios for education

Two-way radio enables instant voice communications between groups of people and lends itself perfectly for use in schools and further education establishments. From summoning support staff, medical assistance or caretaker/maintenance personnel to general communications, two-way radio has a multitude of uses.

Schools have a duty of care for their staff and students; therefore, effective communications are a must especially in the current climate. Teachers and lecturers in many cases can be considered lone workers and an effective way of summoning help in an emergency is essential.

Two-way radio is the ideal solution, be it licence-exempt handhelds for a small primary school or licensed equipment with or without a repeater for larger establishments.

Analogue or digital radios can be used. One desirable benefit of digital radio is that unlike analogue radio it is difficult to eavesdrop and further encryption built-in to some equipment provides a very secure method of conveying sensitive information particularly useful for safeguarding issues within educational establishments.

Whilst possible with analogue radios, digital radios are easier to configure to allow individual and/or group calls and it is possible with some models to send and receive text messages.

In particularly challenging environments there may be a case for body worn cameras to deter threats and collect evidence. Hytera produce a range of Bodycams for such purposes.

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