Two-way radios for retail

Two-way radios are used widely in retail environments for loss prevention, store security, stock control, management and maintenance. Instant, direct communication results in a better customer service by enabling prompt efficient responses to stock queries and summoning assistance when customer footfall demands.

Smaller stores may choose to use PMR446 licence-exempt handhelds. The newer digital radios provide slightly greater range than analogue equipment and more secure communications due to the transmission method used. In the high street there may be other stores using PMR446 and with the limited number of channels available interference from other users is sometimes a problem.

Consequently, larger stores should certainly consider licensed business radio. Higher powered handhelds result in a better coverage area. A Business Radio Licence issued by Ofcom will be required but a Simple Site Licence will permit operation of all the radios for £75.00 for a five-year period. If coverage of the store cannot be achieved with handhelds working ‘back to back’ then a repeater will be required.

Shopping Centres

Elegant Shopping Mall

Shopping Centres often have centre-wide radio systems for management, security and maintenance purposes. These types of developments need careful planning to ensure the radio system provides blanket radio coverage. Specialised antenna distribution or leaky feeder systems maybe required.

As well as posing challenges for two-way radio system coverage, the size and structure of many shopping centres severely compromises mobile phone service. Link’s range of Cel-fi Mobile Phone Signal Boosters are an ideal solution to providing mobile coverage in key areas if not throughout the entire centre.

Shopwatch schemes

Man working in control room

Shopwatch Schemes set up by local councils or Business Development Initiatives aim to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. Effective communications are vital to the success of such schemes often covering an entire town or city.

Body Cameras for Retail Environments


Body cameras are becoming an increasingly useful tool for security staff in shopping centres and larger stores as a means of deterring anti-social or criminal behaviour and if necessary, collecting evidence. Link’s range of body cameras from Hytera and Motorola are an ideal solution.

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