Hytera PD405 DMR Handheld Radio Transceiver

Hytera PD405 DMR Licensed Handheld Radio Transceiver available in VHF and UHF variants.

Key Features

Hytera PD405 Two-way Radio | Link

Key Features

  • Digital and Analogue Modes
  • Pre-programmed Text Message Transmission
  • VOX (Voice operated transmit)
  • Individual, Group and All Calls
  • IP55 Rating


The Hytera PD405, available in both VHF and UHF versions, is a licensed DMR Handheld Radio Transceiver.

The radio is supplied complete with a BL1504 Li-Ion Battery Pack, antenna, belt clip and wrist strap.

A variety of charging options are available; single unit (CH10A07/PS1044), dual-unit (CH10A06/PS2005) and six-way (MCA08).

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